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YS 60SR Helicopter Engine

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YSE0021 YS 60 SR Helicopter Engine












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YS60SR Features:
Same mounting as the YS50ST and YS56SR
Proven fuel regulator system for a consistent and reliable operation
Three needle valve system for easier adjustment and fine tuning
Balanced crankshaft for smoother running

The YS60SR is the latest engine for the .50 size helicopter. The increased displacement of the YS60SR provides more power which will make the performance more like a .90 size machine.

B323 Funtech Muffler for YS 60

B323 Funtech Muffler for YS 60

The perfect complement to the new YS 60SR. The torque in the high-speed range and response had been improved by increasing the volume of the expansion chamber. The Funtech B323 3D Muffler works with the YS60SR, YS56SR, RL-56H, OS Max-55HZ and Max-55HZ-R.

Manufacturer: 20120516